Imperial County Clerk/Recorder, Chuck Storey, warns citizens of Imperial County who are property owners they may become targets of opportunistic individuals. Mr. Storey has once again become aware that property owners in various Counties, including Imperial County are receiving correspondence that solicits property owners to send them money to obtain a “certified copy” of their deed. Citizens should know that the County Recorder is the only agency in Imperial County that can issue certified copies of a recorded deed(s); no other State or County agency is authorized to do so. Property owners can come into the Clerk/Recorders office or mail in a request and pay $2.50 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page for a certified copy of the recorded deed.

These predatory providers charge exorbitant fees for a service that can be obtained at the office of the County Clerk/Recorder for a nominal fee. Even these third party service providers must obtain the certified copy from the recorder prior to issuing it to a person who may be deceived into paying the exorbitant fees; very often they keep the money and do not provide the service. Many services provided by the Clerk/Recorder are being offered on the internet for costs that far exceed the costs that the County Clerk/Recorder would collect. Citizens should contact the Clerk/Recorders office on how to obtain records of Imperial County events such as birth, death, marriage or official records recorded in his office. Individuals who have received a record of this type that is not originally certified by the County Clerk/Recorder or in the case of vital records not on security banknote paper and certified by the Imperial County Clerk/Recorder should notify law enforcement or the Clerk/Recorder.

The office of the Imperial County Clerk/Recorder is located at 940 Main Street, Suite 202, El Centro, California and can be reached at 442-265-1076 or 442-265-1077. Hours of service are 8:00 A. M. to 5:00 P.M.